Broadway – A Must-See On Your Visit To New York City

If you are in New York and if you have not been to the Broadway Theatres, you are definitely missing out on an experience of a lifetime. It is considered to be one of the world’s best theatres. The West End in London is considered to be its sole competitor. So, while in New York you must watch a show here. The best thing about Broadway is that the tickets are available for a reasonable price.Wholesome Entertainment at Affordable RatesThe structure is magnificent and open to all. Here, you can see various kinds of shows ranging from all-time favorite musicals to the reproduction of a traditional periodic show from the golden era of Broadway. The best thing about these shows are that they remain accessible to all because their tickets are not priced exorbitantly. Over and above that, there are special concession rates that students can avail of.

Because Broadway remains immensely popular even today among both tourists and locals, finding the tickets for a show of your choice may turn out to be quite a tall task. Many people keep trolling the internet for tickets. Others gather in the lobby much before the scheduled time of shows to get seats.Where to Scout For Cheap TicketsIf you are a tourist visiting New York for the first time, you can go about scouting for cheap tickets yourself. There are three centers across the city where you can collect tickets. You can get tickets for day performances from the Times Square location whereas you can make the South Street Seaport and the Brooklyn downtown area your destination to acquire tickets for matinee and evening shows.Moreover, the official site of Broadway, posts the day’s deal for each show regularly, every morning around 10 am. You can call their customer service number in the morning inquiring about best available deals, as deals change throughout the day. Besides the official website, there are other websites where you can get cheap Broadway tickets too. Some popular websites are, Playbill and Theatermania. However, if you are a tourist and do not want to take all this trouble, you can simply ask your tour guide or your hotel concierge to collect the tickets for you. You should however mention the show of your choice. They know the city better than you and hence can obviously help you get the best deal.

Some of the famous shows that have thrilled audiences through the ages are Mamma Mia, Matilda- The Musical, The Lion King, Rocky, Les Miserables and Aladdin – The Musical. These are just a few to mention. If you are a first time visitor to New York, watching a show on Broadway is an absolute must if you want to experience the authentic Big Apple experience. If you are there with friends and family, make sure you take them along as well! There is nothing like watching a show with your favorite people around you!






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