Tips That Will Help You With SoundCloud Tracks Promotion

We can all agree that SoundCloud is one of the most important and largest online music communities that will help you reach a wide array of listeners with ease.
They changed the way people and music industry function in overall because they paved a road for online music distribution. That allowed most independent artists to enjoy in free space so that they can promote their talents without logistics of the music industry as it was before.
You can find numerous tools available on the market that will help you promote yourself on SoundCloud. That is why we recommend you to check out this link: so that you can find a way to reach more people than before.
Using these tools will help you boost the project so that you can get more plays and followers, and as soon as you reach the point of prominence and top tracks, other people will organically find you, so your music will be widely accepted and available.
This particular guide will help you understand how SoundCloud promotion functions and what should you do to use it for your advantage.

  1. Tagging Is Vital

Yes, the title is the relevant truth that you have to remember along the way: tagging is the best way to reach success. How can others find you organically, especially if you avoided boosting and promoting single tracks?
Tagging will make you more transparent and discoverable when listeners decide to search through SoundCloud. The better tags you have, it will be easier to find you, and that is a fact you should remember.
The best way to tag is, to be honest, and stop imagining and providing additional things to your music. Therefore, if you have rap song, add hip-hop, rap and try to present both location and moods of your track as well.
It is vital to stick to only one genre because if you add several of them, that will make your track undiscoverable when compared with before. Therefore, you have to make tags the most accurate and concise so that you can get new listeners in matters of days.
We recommend you to add a link and tag person you collaborate with and use @ before you name the profile because that way you will both be able to reach more people due to cross-promotion.
Click here if you wish to learn more on history of SoundCloud and its importance for music community nowadays.

  1. Implement a Buy Link

Getting likes and plays is one thing, but that will not pay your bills at the end of the month especially if you already paid for membership and other promotions that will help you along the way.
That is the main reason why you should add a Buy link as you upload your track. The idea is to click on the Metadata tab during the upload, and you will have everything in front of you.
The idea is to add links toward services such as Bandcamp, Juno, Beatport, and iTunes so that you can sell your music online without any additional hassle. In case you have a pro account, you will be able to change the button based on your preferences.
You can also find a way to stream it on Spotify so that you can get additional views, clicks, and likes.
You can also write Donate as well as a link to PayPal and Patreon, and you will be amazed at how many people will donate something to you so that you can continue playing and being an artist.

  1. Tell A Story Throughout A Waveform

The unique feature that you will get with SoundCloud is the ability for fans to comment on your waveforms. However, apart from fans, you can do it also and do not worry it is not forever alone moment if you decide to comment on your track.
You can use waveform comments so that you can tell your community and fans about the making process and what you wish to achieve with the track you have uploaded. Therefore, it is vital to stay transparent and tell them the process of making a song.
You should also implement call-to-action as well as ask for feedback for specific sections of your song, especially if you are into electronic music that could last longer than other genres in overall.
For instance, if you are still not sure what you should state about the section of your track, try to add comments such as:

  • Not sure, about the drums here, what are your thoughts about it?

That way you will be able to push them so that they can present opinion and provide you with feedback, which will engage you with them so that you can create a meaningful relationship with them.
You do not have to finish the track before you publish it, but place it in while it is in the working process so that you can involve your fans into making process. That will make your music more engaging and appealing in overall.

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