Things to Know Before Learning Violin

Learning violin doesn’t need to be difficult if you know what to do before beginning. So before your parents and siblings discourage you to play your stringed instrument, make sure to keep these things in mind. For sure, you are going to impress them with your violin skills.

You won’t magically sound like those in movies at first.

As a beginner in playing violin, expect to have a hard time learning the right way to play your instrument. For instance, as you’re starting out, you will need to learn how to properly hold the bow in order to produce the exact sound. You also need to practice how to play comfortably in longer minutes.

Your violin may get noisy at some point.

As you practice your musical skills, it will be normal to have tough moments with your violin. Even seasoned violinists have experienced noisy and scratchy sound while playing their instrument. But sometimes, the scratchy sound you hear is because the violin is very close to your ears. People at the back of the hall may hear a good sound.

You need to take care of your violin.

Just like any other possession, you also need to maintain your violin so that it will remain in good shape. Before you play your instrument, make sure to adjust the bow or tighten it for a better tune. In addition, loosen the curve of your bow when you don’t use it. Another essential way to keep your violin in good condition is to store it in a violin case – whether you are going to bring it during your travel or when you’re not using it. There’s a variety of sizes and materials for violin cases you can choose from depending on your preference and your instrument’s needs.

Many violinists play better than you because of their longer experience.

If you’re a beginner in violin, then it would be good to learn the ins and outs of this stringed instrument so that you will be able to produce quality sound in front of an audience. Don’t expect to be great when you just have started learning how to play a violin.

You’re definitely not alone in the violin community.

Violinists have a network, a community where all other violinists come together to enhance their skills and love for music. Playing violin with others is a great way to improve your musical prowess and inclination. You can search your local area to find other people who play the violin, whether as a beginner or a pro.

These are only some of the things you need to know about violin for beginners. Sure, there are more other tips to help you enhance your playing skills in this stringed instrument. Just keep on learning and you’ll soon become a master violinist someday.






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