How to Find Unforgettable Live Acts for Parties & Other Events

Many people leave their own parties disappointed and feeling like they need something more. Unfortunately, this is a part of life that’s hard to avoid. To kick your party up a notch and add a little excitement, it’s a good idea to find unforgettable live acts that will change the entire feeling of the event.

Here’s how to find unique acts and why it matters!

Why Unique Matters

The average party today is nearly forgettable. However, music to dance to, a line of food, and many people that you’re only half-familiar with, can make every single party feel the same.

Adding a unique twist like a psychic for hire or a celeb impersonator can change the entire feeling of the party and will give it a flavor that it wouldn’t have otherwise. This can feel daunting, especially if you’re unsure what type of entertainment people like: but it’s a great way to switch things up.

Social Media Popularity

Look around at local celebrities and performers that could make your party exciting! This could mean hiring well-known local names like comedians or going with a wildcard that makes you laugh and feels like someone nobody else knows about yet.

Be aware there is a line! Although you may think hiring drag queens for your mom’s birthday will make for a unique party, is this a party she’d enjoy? It would help if you planned both around the performance being unique, and also the party making sense and being enjoyable.

Local Gig Sites

Gig sites are an awesome place to find performers in your area. Usually, these sites will let you see their rates, allowing you to window shop and figure out what type of budget you’ll need to set for entertainment. Then, of course, you’ll have to reach out to them. Eventually, window shopping like this can be an awesome way to gather inspiration for your event.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a powerful tool that can change everything for you! Let people in your social group know that you’re looking for unique talent for your party. This can be awesome because your friends may know a performer you’ve never heard of who could amaze all of your party-goers.

Word of mouth is powerful because it gives you someone to trust and whose opinion you know what to think of because you’ve seen it in action before. This is better than hundreds of online reviews from strangers since you know it’s an honest review.

Attending Interesting Events

One awesome way to find more varied performers is by attending more varied events! Get to know the strange local parties in your area, and consider what about them works and what you’d like to avoid for your event. This can be inspiring and help you make an incredibly unique event with performers you might not have thought of otherwise.

Your Event Should Be One of a Kind

A one of a kind event is unforgettable and something that everyone should aspire to! So give yourself the time to hunt down a unique act and make your party into something that nobody will be able to stop talking about.

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