How to lessen the screen time for your kids?

We see screens everywhere we go and whatever we do. Our children are looking at these screens as well and they are very useful too. the screens are becoming vital to connecting with our friends and family, for the new and entertainment, for reading often and even for placing an order at the restaurant to eat. If we are using these screens so much, how do we expect our children to use them any lesser? They just want to do whatever they see us doing.

But we know that there are a lot of harmful effects of a screen watching on the eyesight and the mental activity of the children. Exposing them too much to the screens gives them a hard time controlling their emotions and frustration builds up in them as soon as you try to take them off the screen.

So here we have gathered some useful tips that would you help lessen the screen time for your kids.

  • The kids follow whatever you are doing in front of them, therefore try to set a good example. Do not sit in front of the screens unless necessary and show them that you can use the screens for a predefined time.
  • Take the kids outside to observe nature in quiet. If possible, practice it daily, else make it a habit to take them to the quiet surroundings where they can use their brain better, can focus, and stimulate positive things.
  • Get your kids to have some really good books and make them read them. the best thing is to read in front of them and they would want to read as well. books are a great treasure and a great teacher.
  • Sports and outdoor activities also help kids use their brains better and they develop even better with it. So take them to some playground or Sydney dance school where they can physically get involved in the activities and kick off their frustration.
  • The road trips are a big blessing for the kids. So whenever possible, plan for it and take the kids on the trips. Travelling will have such a good impact on them that you would not have thought.
  • Assigning chores to the kids also helps them stay away from the screens. Tell each child what he has to do every day before going to bed. This will help them be empathetic and will keep them off the screens as well.

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