Detecting Faults in Major Appliances

It is always necessary to detect faults by yourself in major appliances present in your home. It is not the job of any professional always to detect appliances or part of it that are at default. Any person can figure out the faulty machines by having little knowledge about it. They can gain this knowledge through various magazines, newspapers, or by searching on the internet. For example, it is known that phone or laptop chargers can sometimes become too hot if left plugged in for a long time and give rise to many issues. Therefore, when you know this, you will never keep your charger plugged in for more time. Hence, education about a product is very important to detect the problem.

You don’t always have to spend money to either go for Appliance Repair in San Pedro or buy the new product. Neither do you have to spend money to hire a technician to do the job if you search for detecting the problems yourself. If you continuously keep on doing that, you will end up looking for ways to reduce the problem from occurring which would save your appliance.

How to detect issues in major Home Appliances

Mobile chargers/ Laptop chargers

Over the years, many issues have been detected with these type of appliances. In order to be safe from these problems or ruining your appliances, it is necessary to take precautionary measures. You should always turn the switch off and even plug out your laptop or mobile chargers after you have charged them. These charger could get over heated and it can even lead to fire making things worse.


Some extension leads do not support heavy appliances like washing machines, fridges, motors, etc. so you should always be careful before plugging these things into the extension. You could detect that there’s something wrong if you smell something burning.

Straighteners, blow dryers

The appliances like straighteners, blow dryers, rollers could be at fault too if plugged in the wrong socket, or left plugged in for heating for too long. It could ruin your straighteners and other likewise products. It can even give rise to electric shocks. Moreover, these appliances might not be supported by sockets if they have been imported from foreign markets because of difference in voltage.


If you notice that the fridge is not cooling as it used to before, there is definitely some problem. To detect the issue, the first and the foremost thing you need to do is to adjust the temperature controls. If the issue lies there, the cooling will become better itself. If there is no problem with the temperature, then simply consider cleaning the gasket of your refrigerator to resolve the issue.

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