When Saint George Went On Strike

When King Freddie sacked Merlin, the Prime Minister shaped a commerce union with Patron Saint George known as NUPMAPS, the Nationwide Union of Prime Ministers and Patron Saints. NUPMAPS known as a strike which resulted in chaos all through the realm as the previous Patron Saint, Cuthbert, resorted to the outdated strategies of monster management. In desperation, Freddie appealed to Merlin for assist in restoring order.’I’ve bought Cuthbert demanding better sources to chase the monsters away and the Grumpy Greens strain group demanding we protect the monsters for posterity. The wild monsters have burned down half the dominion and the captive creatures are flaming out for need of correct sustenance. Cuthbert retains bringing again my horses with singed tails. Alexander bit the French Ambassador so Pierre is demanding compensation of ten tonnes of Marmorgugelhupf cake. He is aware of that I am unable to meet his calls for as a result of Cuthbert has banned manufacturing.’

‘Why do not you negotiate with the authorities in Vienna to produce Pierre?’ mentioned Merlin. ‘That is the place George bought the magic cake, is not it?”I’ve tried that, however the Austrian authorities do not appear to know something about it.”Then it is both a state secret or George stumbled upon an area recipe with particular powers,’ mused Merlin.’Properly, it would not assist me!’ the King protested.’I am sorry, however in my personal capability there’s little I can do to assist,’ replied Merlin.’Cannot you ask George to get cake manufacturing going once more?’ pleaded the not so merry monarch.’Provided that you finish your victimisation of all of the members of NUPMAPS,’ answered Merlin the Whirlin, ‘and which means restoring everybody to their former posts, with appropriate wage rises to compensate for inflation, and assured uncovered head weeks.”What’s inflation?’ requested a bewildered Freddie.’It is the rise of costs of products out there.”However costs do not rise out there; they’ve stayed the identical because the time of King Canute.”Ah, however costs might rise with the growing demand for Marmorgugelhupf cake, particularly as many of the keepers and purveyors are consuming it in addition to the monsters.’Freddie nonetheless did not perceive so he requested, ‘How a lot do you want then?”How a lot are you paying Cuthbert?”Cuthbert’s a particular case, he is doing three jobs on the identical time.’

‘Not very effectively!”Nonetheless, he has the duty.”How about six shillings and 6 pence?”For George?”No, for me,’ insisted Merlin. ‘Whoever heard of a Patron Saint being paid that quantity?”How a lot for George then?”Oh, he can keep on three and 6, plus an ex-gratia cost of 1 shilling to purchase a brand new visor.”Why does he want a brand new visor?”He says the clip on the outdated one is worn and it retains falling down.”Then I am going to get the royal armourer to repair it.”What about uncovered head weeks?”What about them?”Can we proceed with our pointed-hat-off weeks and armour-off weeks?”Oh alright, and I am going to have a crown-off week.”Then it is all agreed,’ mentioned a contented Merlin.

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