Hoping to Recover His Estranged Wife

Kwame Mainu’s wife, Comfort, had left him with their daughter, Akosua, in 1988, just before he took his final examinations in mechanical engineering at Warwick University. Succeeding in her business as a shoe importer, Comfort lived in a comfortable house in the fashionable Garden City district of Nhyiasu, in Kumasi, Ghana. Now in 1996, working at Warwick on a partnership programme with the university in Kumasi, Kwame made periodic visits to Kumasi where he was happy to find Comfort willing to help him in various ways. He realised that his feelings for his estranged wife were reviving and began to hope that a reconciliation might be possible. In spite of all the pain she had inflicted, his love for Comfort had never died and it was now restored almost to its pristine level.

Comfort had been his first love and the only love he felt that he had freely chosen. She was the love he had shared with his father and the love his father had tacitly approved. Without her protection he might well have drifted into becoming a drugs courier and suffered the fate of Bra Yaw or Peter Sarpong. Comfort had often accused him of infidelity, especially with Akos Mary, but Kwame knew that he had never yielded to the temptation to take another girlfriend during his long years alone in England. He had worked hard in all his spare time to earn money to provide the house she always wanted. In helping to break-up the drugs cartel in the UK he had done some things that Comfort didn’t like, but he had never intended to hurt her by any of his actions and had gone to great lengths to avoid causing her pain. He had always striven to meet her demands and keep their marriage intact. The break-up of their relationship, leading to six years’ loss of contact, had been entirely her decision.Kwame had struggled to understand Comfort but he also felt she had failed to understand him. During his recent visit to Kumasi, however, he sensed that a deeper understanding had evolved through their mutual effort to pull Kofi Adjare from the debris of the drugs cartel. He sensed that his resolute action in rescuing her old friend and adviser had inspired in Comfort a new respect and admiration. She did not appear to have formed any other long-term relationship and their traditional marriage had never been formally dissolved. According to ancestral custom they were still man and wife. Akosua was the child of their union; with a claim on both their lives. She would surely welcome the restoration of the traditional nuclear family.

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