Teenage Modelling Agencies: Jargon Busting

If you have recently started looking at teenage modelling agencies or if you have recently joined one, then you might have been struck by the amount of new words and phrases you will need to learn to understand what is going on. Teenage modelling agencies and modelling agencies in general are notorious for being almost impossible to understand without some knowledge of modelling talk, so this article is designed to shed some light on some of the phrases that you might not quite have grasped. This should help you to make informed decisions when it comes to modelling and help you to get the best from teenage modelling agencies.Art DirectorThe art director is the person who is responsible for the creation of the art and design of the project. They will normally work for the advertiser or client who you are working on behalf of.

AuditionThis may also be referred to as a casting. This is a sort of interview for models and is likely to take place at the client’s studio where you will be up against a number of other hopeful models. Teenage modelling agencies are likely to prepare you for these and give you advice as to how to stand out.Body CheckIn some modelling roles and jobs it may be necessary for the casting director to get a better idea of how your body looks. You may be asked to undress to underwear level or for girls this is often done in a bikini. Remember that you should never appear naked at an audition unless you are specifically told beforehand. Teenage modelling agencies should never allow this to happen unless you are over the age of eighteen.BookerThis person is your best friend! They are the person within teenage modelling agencies who book you for vacancies and ensure that you get work. Stay on their good side as they will decide your modelling progress.Call BackAfter attending a casting you may be asked to return for a second audition. This is known as a call back and is usually the last stage before the actual position is cast.Commercial ModellingThis is a form of modelling which is based on advertising a product. This might mean that although you are being photographed or filmed, it is the product being sold which is the focus of the shot.

Fashion ModellingThis is a type of modelling where the clothing you have been given is the focus of the shot.Open CallAn open call is a casting opportunity which is open to absolutely anybody, rather than specifically by invitation only. These opportunities are relatively rare, but is a common form of casing for film extras.Parts ModellingThis type of modelling focuses on a specific body part, often legs and hands. This is often done to demonstrate a specific type of clothing, or jewellery.ReleaseThe release form is the piece of paper that all models must sign after a shoot which gives the photographer and the agency permission to use the shoots commercially. They must always get your permission and get you to sign a release.

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