Steps to Planning the Perfect Sweet 16 Party

Sweet 16 parties are such an important part of any teenager’s life. They only happen once which is why so many parents want to make sure that the day or night is one to remember.There are so many things that go into the planning of sweet 16 parties. In fact, they are on a par with wedding planning with invitations, venues, caterers, entertainment and stress. To cut the stress and make sure the entire event runs as expected, it’s advisable to plan and follow these simple steps to have a great and memorable birthday occasion that you can remember for years to come.The first step, as with any event, is to set a budget. You may think that no price is too much to make this event as memorable as possible for your child. But it’s always a good idea to have some budget in mind, helping you make sure you don’t overspend. Remember you still have to buy a gift.

Set the date. You can’t always have the sweet 16 party on the birthday, especially if it falls during the week. Remember these are teenagers that are attending, not adults, so keep it to a Friday or Saturday night that enables them to enjoy a slightly later curfew and have a fun and enjoyable night.With your budget and suitable dates in hand, it’s time to start searching for proper venues. When looking for a venue, you are looking for something in an ideal place which is easily accessible for all attendees, it safe and secure and give ample space for everyone to have an enjoyable time.Depending on the number of guests you intend inviting, you will have to find a venue that can accommodate everyone and still enable you to decorate and add a theme that appeals to your teen. Try and choose a venue that can accommodate a large volume of people, this can give you space to put a dance floor, some tables and chairs and comfortable sofas, turning the place into a modern and trendy space to have a great night of fun.Spend some time with your teen to decide the guest list. Don’t make the mistake of presuming they get on with everyone in their class and invite everyone. You will also want to add some close family and family friends to spend this special time with you all.Choose a theme based on trend and interest. If your teen loves pink, then set out to create a pink theme that will “wow” everyone. Only once you have determined the theme for the sweet 16 party, should you design the invitations.The invitations are sent out as quickly as possible, asking everyone to RSVP by a certain date. You may want to include RSVP cards to make it a little easier. Keep a list of everyone invited to help you keep track of the number of people attending the sweet 16 party.

Your next step is to arrange the caterers. Remember that if you are hosting the event early in the evening you will want to include a meal, maybe a buffet style. If the event starts after dinner, then make sure there are plenty of snacks available for kids to munch on throughout the evening. If the venue has a bar, make sure there are plenty of soft drinks to choose from, maybe some alcohol for the adults attending.Your final steps to planning the perfect sweet 16 parties is to decide and book entertainment for the night and choose favors for the guests as a thank you for attending this special event.

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