Looking for a Versatile All Event Contact Juggler? Check out French Performer – Mickael Bellemene!

Juggling is an art. And it also brings in forward some very interesting moments. People love their breaths taken away as a juggler does his thing. But more than just a juggler, is a performer who knows his Craft, and his Audience. That’s why Mickael Bellemene is a great option if you want to acquire versatile entertainment for any party.



One of the coolest things about Mickael Bellemene, is that he is one of the few full-fledged performers available in Singapore – spending his waking hours practicing, customizing his acts carefully to suit the needs of his wide-variety of clients.


They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a master at your craft. On the average of a 10hr practice day, for the past 15 years of discovering his artistry, Mickael Bellemene would have had the opportunity to master his craft, 5 times over.


With an iconic French understanding of finesse, and experience from all over the world, he creates shows around your audience profiles, making sure that his final performance transcends culture and language, speaking to the viewers as a whole, and as an individual.


And that’s the thing that makes him Amazing. The way that he pushes boundaries is distinct, with a flair and a look unique to Mickael Bellemene, knowing exactly what he has to do in order to take things to the next level visually, and stylistically.


And that’s maybe the thing that makes him so spectacular at what he does. Not only does he focus on the performance aspect of things, he maintains a physical appearance that says, ‘I’m A Performer, and I’m not afraid to use it’. Beautifully clean, lean, tall, and muscular – THAT’S what separates him from the ‘professional hobbyists’, his integrity to his artistry extends beyond just the act. It is the way of life, the mentality, the philosophies behind it all that an Artist makes.


When you hire Mickael Bellemene, your audience can expect an excellent time and unique interaction with a REAL performer. People enjoy the passion that he puts into his work, and Mickael never ceases to impress you without even trying.


With years of involvement in the corporate entertaining world, he works closely with the event team, customizing his show to fit your theme, style, and industry – making it relevant for your guests.


So, If you want to hire a versatile specialty performer / juggler for your event, then Mickael Bellemene is the best of the best available in Singapore. You can check his performances online, and I’m sure you will be quite impressed with his showcases.






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