Jeff Mohlman Explains The Importance of Visual Art

The visual arts are forms of art which create works that are primarily visual in nature, such as drawing, ceramics, sculpture, painting, design, printmaking, crafts, video, photography, film making and architecture. The visual arts also include the applied arts such as graphic design, industrial design, interior design, fashion design and decorative art.

Jeff Mohlman talks about visual art

Visual arts are mainly created for Aesthetic Purposes, and judged for its meaningfulness and beauty. Visual Arts include sculpture, painting, graphics, watercolor, drawing and architecture. The Visual Arts category also includes poetry, music, photography, film, conceptual art and printmaking.

Jeff Mohlman is a movie and book enthusiast and has experience in visual arts as well. He is an aspirant novelist who has taken up English Literature at the University of Ohio. When he is not busy with studies and work, he loves reading books, writing articles and clicking photography. He is also very ardent about movies, and he spends most of the free time sitting in the living room watching films. He explains the importance of visual art in detail:

  • Visual art is basically the means through which one communicates, so it is there almost everywhere. This form of art can be seen in photography, painting, film making, and even printmaking. In short it can be said that visual art takes man’s ability and the nature to capture the moment to a piece of paper so that other people may take time appreciating the arrested image.
  • These days visual art can be used in many different ways. Landscapers utilize visual art in most of their work, while the website designers utilize visual art a lot in putting together content and making smart looking websites. Visual art is also used in designing book covers, posters, clothing, food packages, jewelry, apparel, and a whole lot more. Hence, visual art can be used to entice customers

A world without art cannot be imagined at all. As without art the world will become a very dull place to stay in and the only thing that people will see is black and white things everywhere. Visual art is an art along with which people live in. Art is a vent of the inner self. A link that brings together gaps in the society, it is a bridge between nature and man, between continents, and countries.

Visual art showcases an influential control on forming communities internationally and locally. Artists often confront commonly held ways of thinking with inventive thinking. They raise alertness about social issues, break down barricades to global communication and cross-cultural understanding, and encourage creative ideas. Thus visual art is important and can be seen in almost every form of communication.

Jeff Mohlman is also an excellent writer. He is at present in the initial stage of writing the first novel. After his college education will be over, he wants to spend his time by writing, rewriting, proofreading and editing so that readers get to read the best novel.






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