Taking A Look At The Differences Between Old And New Music

Music entertains, educates and informs. While it has been around for a long time music has gone through a number of changes that range from the instruments used to the style of composition. To help you out, here are some of the ways in which music has evolved over the years:Use of instrumentsOld music was sung using real instruments. The instruments used included: cello, viola, tuba, French horn, bassoon, trombone, trumpet and many others. Even when recording, the musicians had to play the real instruments. Due to this, the old musicians had to first learn to play the instruments then record the music. This is no longer the case with the modern music. Modern music heavily relies on computer programs. Using the programs you can enter the sound of any music instrument without having the instrument at your disposal or even knowing how to play it. This has given rise to millions of music superstars who even don’t know the most basic music instruments.

GenreMost of the old musicians stuck with a given music genre. When you were asked to group the different musicians in specific categories depending on their music genres, you could easily do it. This is no longer the case. Genres in modern music are blurred as musicians fit different genres. Currently, it’s not uncommon to find a musician singing hip-hop and at the same time engaging in R&B. Some musicians have even won awards in music categories that aren’t known for. For example, Nelly, who is known for R&B has won a country music award. Due to the limited confinement of the different music genres, the music world has become confused and it’s almost impossible to tell the specific genre that a given musician engages in.Music and classWhile some few old songs used to be offensive and the stage shows sometimes got raucous, things have gone worse. Currently, especially in the Hip-Hop world, the music has become too offensive. If you have attended hip-hop shows you must have noticed that most of the rappers openly insult their audiences and use a lot of offensive words. When it comes to R&B, the music has moved from the good old positive and empowering music to provocative and sometimes offensive music. In summary, we can say that the modern music has lost class. The unfortunate thing is that the audience seems to love it.

Method of creationSince the old songs heavily relied on melody, the composers took time creating their music. Some of the composers have reported taking years to come up with one of their songs. This is because they composed their music while imagining how their music would sound. This isn’t the case with modern music. Nowadays, the musicians can compose a song in as little as a few hours and the song become an instant hit. This is because all they need is a computer program to create a rhythm that the audience will love.ConclusionWhile we can conclusively say that old songs are much of a better quality than the new songs, there are some songs that are bad whether old or new. It’s up to you to choose the ones that are pleasing to your ears.

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