SoundCloud Mistakes Artists Make

Every uprising musician should have an online platform where they can share their work. Probably one of the best is SoundCloud where many artists already became famous. But, even if what you do is great it is hard to get heard, and possibly get a contract. Many great musicians don’t get the chance to become big and play on big stages just because they don’t know how to manage their music.

There are a lot of details and tricks you can use to get a fan base and start your career. Websites like BuyPlaysFast and similar and there to help you out, and without a certain boost, you will only rely on your luck because the industry is very competitive. We know that there are many people that became popular with less talent, but that is the result of great marketing and a simple understanding of platforms like this one.

Content Creation

It’s great when you have a lot of songs, and maybe you think every one of them is great, but you need to have in mind that people have different taste. Even if they like the type of music you are creating, maybe not every song will have the same impact on them. Creators tend to make a mistake of placing all of their songs on the platform. You should think about saving some for later, and there is a good reason for it.

The first reason is that when someone listens to you the first time, they will probably give you 1 to 2 chances to impress them. This means 2 songs on your account should be the best possible. There are people with only a couple of songs with a large following, but these two are awesome. Always pick the ones you think are the best, and ask others what they think about it. When you don’t upload every track, you can schedule uploading from time to time.

Interaction with Others

Mostly at the beginning of a career, people want to express themselves to the larger audience. Most of them make a mistake and try to get viral which ends up in just in a bunch of spamming messages. This can just ruin the trust you have with the people that are already listening to your music.

A simple answer to a comment and being active among other musicians is the best way of slowly building a fan base and trust. When you rush it, you are only risking ruining your reputation. Find someone that does a similar thing as you, and try to get their followers to follow you and the other way around.

Account Set Up

Every social account has its own algorithm. This also implies for SoundCloud and how you set up your account matters a lot in order for you to get discovered. It is very important to write a description of everything you have the option for. Always write a short bio that should be around 200 words. Place just essential things about your music like how long you are doing it, your inspiration, and maybe future plans.

Besides setting up everything on this platform, you can’t only rely on SoundCloud. When a person sees some artists that they might have interest in, they will look for them on other social media platforms. Don’t think Facebook is outdated because we have Instagram now. Every details matter, and when you are everywhere, it is more likely that you will get noticed. You can always look at how popular channels are managing their accounts and copy them.

Promoting Yourself

If you learned how to organize your social accounts and platforms for your music, you may think you are on the right way of promoting your music. But, most people make a mistake here and try to do everything on their own. There is much more to it than just buying ads for your song, so it will gain exposure. Read more on this page.

You should have someone that has marketing knowledge and know how to target the right audience. Details matter here a lot, and it isn’t that easy to make a marketing plan. Always ask for professional help that has experienced in the same field.






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