So, You’re Planning Some Type of Event?

You’ve likely learned, by this point, that party planning requires no shortage of tasks to be completed. In many cases, a planner will be working hard right up to the day of their big event. Many people keep on working right through the actual day that their event is taking place. A particularly trying moment for most is when they realize that they need to find a source to rent tables and chairs tempe az. Many planners overlook the fact that they will be housing a gathering full of people that need to sit and use a table at one point or another!

The good news is that there is no shortage of vendors to choose from when it comes to renting. Let’s not forget that Tempe houses ASU and that college is one of the largest in the entire nation. There are still concerns more pressing for a planner than which vendor to use.

That’s A Whole Lot of Guests to Seat

Not only do you have to consider the number of guests that you’ll be seating, but considerations as to the nature of your event are necessary for determining the proper seating arrangements. For example, some events might not warrant a table if you carefully think about it. Events serving food surely must consider it whereas a food free graduation party might not have to.

If your event does require tables, what shape will work the best? This is an important consideration to not overlook. Roundtables typically house fewer guests than a long rectangular one will. It’s difficult for even a very large round table to beat the seating space of a rectangular table with a similar area. These are simple considerations regarding tables and chairs, yet they are important nonetheless.

Folding Seats Are Where It’s At

Most people planning an event choose folding chairs. There are certainly plastic chairs that can be much more cost effective however standard metal folding chairs allow more units to be transferred within the same automobile space. Space for transferring is yet another feature that often goes overlooked in the heat of the moment. This is especially true when over a hundred chairs are required!

So How Do I Transfer All My Tables and Chairs?

While certain rental entities, especially party supply companies, will deliver your goods right to the event, many will not. Most pickup trucks can carry a respectable number of tables and chairs for a small to medium sized gathering. Anything larger might require more than one trip, however! Here’s an important thing to consider, even a smaller travel trailer (the enclosed kind) attached to an auto will house several truckloads worth because you can fill it much higher than you would fill an open bed truck.

When All Is Said and Done

When all is said and done, don’t get so stressed that you forget how rewarding event planning can truly be! Remember that you are in Tempe. The Sand Hill Mall housed the state’s very first Ikea. Gathering furniture should come second nature for you as a resident.






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