How to save some money on a laser show?

You probably read this article to find out how to get a good laser show cheap. Bad news! A good, professional and mainly safe laser show won’t be and can’t be cheap. So let’s ask differently:

What’s worth of spending on when getting a laser show?

The most important facts were given to us by bad boys from Kvant Lasers UK Limited who amongst other services provide laser hire in London, rest of the UK and Ireland.

The main thing when getting a laser show from 3rd party supplier is to find out what laser light systems they actually use (cheap Chinese disco lasers won’t make much of wow!), what age they are (OK, even Kvant laser that’s 20 years old won’t probably match your expectations, unless you are 70+) and what laser safety features these lasers have. Having none or less then all of required safety features means potential trouble!
Safety certifications are important too and will tell you a lot about the company itself as well as about the manufacturer of actual laser display units.
For instance all Kvant laser light systems come with TUV Laser Safety certificate, which tells you that Kvant units are 100% up to date with strict European and German regulations.

Such equipment is relatively costly and reflects on the price of the laser show. But, you get what you pay for! So never save on the quality of laser systems, but rather scale down the show using less lasers if the budget is not there.


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