How to invite a Bollywood singer for an event?

Any event can only be successful if it manages to pull the crowd’s attention. And one of the best ways to ensure crowd-pulling is the presence of a celebrity. Let us say if you are putting together an event and need a celebrity in the form of a judge or to perform, then how would you do that? How would you approach the particular Bollywood actor or singer?

There’s no specific rulebook but there are a few most common ways through which you can get a celebrity for your event.

Consult the agencies

The easiest way to book a celebrity is through a celebrity management website. For example, assume that you have an event related to music and you want to invite a singer, let’s say, Armaan Malik. Many firms are into celebrity management and you can book Armaan Malik through them for a specified time as per their booking fees.

The social media touch

This may not be a guaranteed way to get Armaan or any other singers. Using the ‘DM’ technique might not always work as their inboxes are always brimming with messages from fans and followers. It would be likely that your message never gets the chance to be read. However, there is no harm in trying because you never know, you might get lucky. But then you must not heavily only rely on social media responses.

Many a time, artists especially singers, mention their managers’ emails or other addresses to contact for bookings. That helps.


If not social media, then try to establish real connections through known contacts. For example, someone working in Armaan Malik’s team can get you through him or his manager. So, it is important to start networking and building connections.

Correct fit or not? Know the person

Bringing Armaan Malik would not only include contacting and booking him but also a lot of thought. You need to think through things like, Is Armaan Malik the right fit for the event or not? Are the audience fit for his type of music? Would you get the desired result from his brand equity? Is the return on investment worth it? All these questions should be pondered upon.

Pitching the deal

While you’re convinced that Armaan is the one you are keen on getting for your event, you must plan your pitch carefully. Pitch them based on the highlight of the event, the footfall, the audience and also why the singer needs to be here amongst these audiences. Try Armaan Malik songs download and get an idea of what is the music he is recently into.

Also research well about the celeb, his background, and popular songs, etc.

Money matters

If you are inviting someone as high profile as Armaan Malik, it goes on without saying that the charges would be on the higher side. Especially if he has a new Bollywood song released that has become a hit. So monetary arrangements should be made and the budget should be expandable if possible.

Establish the legacy

When you are done with the event, make sure you maintain the hospitality right till the end. Give both the celeb and the audience a great service. Maintain relations with celeb’s team and set an example for the upcoming year or anytime in the future.

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