Essential Things to Know About Pub Crawling

A pub crawl, also known as pub tour, is the act of drinking in multiple pubs or bars in one night. The best thing about pub crawling is that you meet and have a fun night out with other crawlers and local guide. But how does a pub crawl works? Whether you are part of a small bar crawl event or among the biggest pub crawl in the world, there are some dos and don’ts that you should be aware of.

The following are some incredible tips that can help you have a memorable pub crawling.

  1. A pub crawl is not a tour

There are cities across the world that are rich in history and culture and some are also exceptionally party cities by night as well. Some of these cities may offer night-time tours, beer tasting, and visiting may be one or two local pubs; however, you should keep in mind that these are not pub crawls. But your local pub crawl guide might give you some random exciting insight into the pubs and the city.

  1. Be ready to walk

Pub crawling entails moving from one pub to another on foot and typically getting more drunk as you go. Usually, the best pub crawls involve visiting five to six pubs, including at least one nightclub. However, these pubs may not be in very close proximity to each other; that’s why you have to be ready to walk a bit.

  1. Drink responsibly

Good pub crawls usually include free drinks; free shots, a free welcome drink, an hour of free beer, and exclusive discounts on additional drinks. This makes it easy to get drunk very fast. So be careful, drink sensibly and responsibly, and know when it is enough.

  1. Know the pub crawl venue’s policies

Apart from free nightclub entry, skipping queues, and free or discounted drinks, being part of a bar crawl doesn’t give you special privileges that exempt you from the policies of each venue you go. The pub crawl rules are basically the same as those of a typical night out; you have to respect the venues and people.

  1. Put your phone down

Your phone can easily get into the way of your pub crawl experience. Research shows that many people, especially the millennials, check their phones more than 150 times per day. They keep checking their WhatsApp messages, Twitter, Instagram, etc. That’s very common even in pub crawls, more so in the early stages of the night when crawlers may still not be comfortable with fellow crawlers. Pub crawling is all about meeting new people and having fun. So put down the phone and enjoy the moment.

  1. Know where the pub crawl ends

Most of the pub crawls usually finish with a free VIP entrance at a good nightclub. This means that you will dance until dawn if you desire. It’s good to know where you are in that particular city and how to return to your hostel. You can ask the pub crawl guide where the pub crawl will finish.






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