Why you should not mount your TV above the fireplace?

Wall mounting a TV above the fireplace is not a good option unless you have some other options and ideas for which you should avoid mounting your TV above a fireplace:

  • Electronics and heat is a bad combination

Electronics have nothing to care about the heat and even smoke has nothing to do with the electronics. Placing a TV above the fireplace can be a bad option because when the TV is exposed to the smoke, the film starts making its components inside the TV’s cabinet. You can take a smoke-free TV either.

This thing normally isn’t visual rather you can smell it. Once you have burnt the fire, there will be a less amount of smoke but once the particulate starts building up, the Same day TV mounting also starts emitting heat

  • Neck headaches

This is a real problem which you have to face when you have installed your TV above your comfort vision level. Normally the TVs mounted above the fireplace are high and the viewers have a problem in visualizing. This may seem less problem in start but with the passing time, these issues will exaggerate and the more problems which you will have to face would be related to your comfort and ease.

Whenever you are thinking to install a TV, You need to make sure that the TV is mounted on the normal eyesight level and it is not too high or too low that you start facing issues in watching the TV.

  • High temperature

Most of the electronic devices work best in normal temperatures but if the temperature is high, their functioning is also impacted. Other than this, the electronics which are temperature sensitive are more open to damage and they tend to degrade quicker in high temperatures.

However if your fireplace is a conventional one and is gas based, you may not need to worry much until you start noticing some smell surrounding your TV.

  • Chronic pains

This is a normal issue faced by most of the people who have mounted their TVs above the fireplace or above their normal vision range. Heat being emitted from your fireplace when gets mixed with the heat being emitted from your TV can be dangerous for you to breathe in.

Moreover watching TV installed at above the normal vision level can be a problem to your spinal cord.

This trend has been seen mostly in hotels and restaurants but when you are at your home, your ease and comfort should be the most valued things for you to take care about. Moreover wherever you are going to install the TV, make sure it is mounter well.






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