Growing Popularity Of The South Indian Films Among Global Viewers In Recent Years

The South Indian film industry has been receiving tremendous admiration from the global film critics and movie lovers over the last few years. Besides, the usual Hindi movies, people are also watching Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies with equal enthusiasm. The reason behind such outstanding popularity can be attributed to engaging story contents that are capturing the attention of the people quite easily. It is due to this spectacular popularity of South Indian cinemas that film stars like Mahesh Babu, Trisha Krishnan, Anushka Shetty, Ravi Teja, Samantha Ruth Prabhu and others are enjoying incredible fan following all over the world. Directors working in South Indian film industries are now focusing more on diverse contents that can touch the heart of global audience with the messages of love, harmony and corruption free society. The contributions of actors cannot be ignored in this context. They play a vital role in proper narration of the story contents through their brilliant acting skills.Previously, the appeal of the South Indian films were largely restricted among the elite and educated sections of the society. It was largely due to selection of complicated story plots, themes and subjects by the erstwhile South Indian directors that had failed to draw the attention of the common people. But now the present directors are emphasizing on realistic subjects that can be presented before the audience in an outstanding commercial format. As a result, people from Hindi speaking provinces of India are also becoming regular viewers of the South Indian movies. Directors like S.S. Rajamouli, S.S Shankar, Mani Ratnam, Priyadarshan Soman Nair and others are choosing excellent themes with which people from humble backgrounds can easily relate themselves. Films such as Khaleja, Daruvu, Magadheera, Thuppakki and others are receiving fantastic response from the Indian people. These films have also been able to earn robust revenues in foreign countries as well.

The craze for South Indian movies have further increased with the release of the film called Baahubali. The movie has been remarkable because of the use of advanced special effects and adoption of fabulous plot that revolves around a fictional ancient theme. This film has added new feathers into the crown of film industry of Southern India. Many multi-national corporate bodies are now showing interest to invest in these movies with the expectation of incurring higher amount of dividends within short period of time. It has also resulted in the rise of market share value of the South Indian film industry in the domestic market which is luring the local businessmen to invest in this profitable sector confidently.The most striking feature of South Indian films is that they instill family values and respect of traditional Indian culture which is why these are able to retain the attention of the viewers of every age-group before the final fall of the curtain. It is because of this mesmerizing and charming impact that many South Indian directors and actors are receiving offer to be associated with the big-budget projects of Mumbai film industry. Recently there has been a rumor that Prabhas, who is a leading actor of the Baahubali movie, shall feature in a high budget Hindi film called ‘Dhoom Reloaded’.

Even in the genre of science-fiction, the film industry of South India has been able to set its own benchmark with the launch of the movie called ‘Enthiran’ which is popularly known as ‘Robot’. Till now it is the most costliest science-fiction film in India that has been directed by S. Shankar. Now the work on the sequel of this film has already started which is expected to be released in the next year. The future of South Indian cinema is bright at the moment. However, the directors must continue to experiment with new subjects and themes to hold the attention of the film lovers. The directors must include the aspirations and dreams of the ordinary people into their stories for developing strong connection with the audience effectively.






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