Fruitful Suggestions for A Fun Photo Booth For Your Wedding Reception

Weddings can be an extravagant and overwhelming affair for most of us. You would know how eventful it is if you are already planning your wedding reception anytime soon. And while you are at it with a long checklist of “things-to-do”, you should not miss out on setting up a fun photo booth at the venue! Well, this celebration is not just about enjoying the union of the couple but also having utmost delight at the after-party.

Well-decorated photo booths with fun elements to capture the memories are the new sensation. If you are puzzled by the options, here are a few suggestions you can try for your wedding. You can choose any of these unique ideas and implement them with the help of the best wedding decorators and planners in town.

An Extravagant Floral Wall

Floral walls give an extravagant and ceremonial feel to the venue with a lot of decorative options. You can use your favourite flowers with mirrors, faux and other adorning items to give a flashy look to it. Photo booths at weddings can be the centre of attraction and fun if you do it the right way!

The Instagram Page Booth

If you are an active member of the “Gram”, you would probably love an Instagram page set up as your photo booth. Use props like hashtag boards and frames to click pictures. This idea is the modern wedding trend, and you can input your ideas to make it more special. Use monograms and cards with your “couple name” and nicknames to make it more fun.

Personalised Booth Backdrop

You can create personalized photo booths and backdrop walls with professional help. Use different props, colours and a theme of your choice to put an eye-catching setting. You can also incorporate life-size couple pictures of you to enhance the grandeur. Have the most personal and memorable experience with images to hold on to!

Build The Prop Wall

Funky oversized glasses, lips or moustache designers toppers, kissing booths and several other props on a personalised wall to click pictures. This one will give a quirky and extraordinary look to the photo booth!

All these latest ideas are trending, and you can make your personalised changes to them too. But for things to work exactly how you have pictured in your head, you need professional help and assistance. Hire the best wedding planners in the city to implement your plans without having to worry about anything!








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