Where to Watch Action Movies

Action movies are a major genre type that include countless elements into their plot; continuous high energy, tremendous impact, plenty of activity and physical stunts, sometimes extended chase scenes and races can be seen, rescues, martial arts, battles, escapes, even destructive disasters like floods or explosions are the elements we can find in an action film, along with non-stop motion and adventurous heroes, these movies are crafted for pure audience reveries with an action-colored core.

The main action usually revolves around a male action hero (a protagonist) and it is always portrayed by a well-known actor. Don’t we all remember the movies starring Bruce Lee, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Chuck Norris.

Women in action movies in most cases play the roles of either the romantic interests of the hero or accomplices, but the more up-to-date action films have featured some strong female characters to widen the demographic appeal. Movies like Tomb Raider, Wonder Woman, Kill Bill, and Hanna are all centered on a heroine that is struggling against incredible odds, an evil villain or life-threatening circumstances, with a resolution or victory attained by the end, after exhausting physical feats and violence (gunplay, fist fights, sword match…).

Traditionally, action movies have been aimed at male audience, ages between 13 and mid-30s, but soon enough it became clear, that women are just as interested in watching a good action movie asare the men, so the movies became even more popular than anticipated. The film series James Bond blew the roof of every cinema, and let’s not forget about Die Hard, The Terminator, Rambo, and of course Indiana Jones with his humble smile, noble goal, knowledgeable as he is, and some intense moments, that make you want to hold your breath.

The modern action movies do not differ from the classic that much, the elements are still present, but the films became big-budget, flashy actions, emphasizing the special effects more and more, and with the hero or heroine with a distinct costume. We probably all enjoyed movies like The Avengers, The Dark Knight, and Mad Max: Fury Road, where the special effects are quite noticeable, and that is what makes these movies stand out from the crowd.

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