Entertainment Fun: Escape Rooms

There’s nothing more fun than having a night out where you and the family can do something together. With the advancement of technology today there are many businesses targeting consumers with digital platforms and games set inside a cleverly designed warehouses. That said, there are a list of platforms consumers can engage in inside their own communities and cities. An escape room is one of them, and it’s a growing popular game taking place right in your own town.

What Is It?

Essentially, it is an escape game which offers physical adventure where players solve a series of riddles and puzzles. These riddles and puzzles are based on the hints, clues, and strategies given to them. These are given to successfully complete the game.

What’s Involved?

There is a time limit in which the secret plot will be unveiled that is hidden within one of the rooms. It is an intense exciting game the entire family or a group of friends on a night out can enjoy. It concept came about through the video style games where players through digital means had to find their way out of fictional locations such as dungeons, prison cells and space stations. Each room forced players to decode riddles and several puzzles in each themed room.

Most rooms are either named after a famous person, former president or the theme of the game. The number of players can go from two people to 20 in a large group. Players have made comments describing their fun as exhilarating, loving the mechanisms, and how well the business crafted and created the game overall. Many who have played have asked “is there an escape room near me?”.

Is It Popular?

The popularity of the game itself has spanned from East Asia, North America and Europe starting back in 2010. Asia was the first to have a permanent escape room in a set location. From that point on, escape room’s popularity caught on in South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America and Russia. History shows that the concept could be related to scavenger hunts and haunted houses. This also involves interactive theaters.

In South china, the game became an instant hit for those students and young professionals who were highly stressed and felt overworked. Of the notable people who have visited an escape room is former president Barack Obama and his family. They went to breakout Waikiki in Honolulu after the family took up a challenge initiated to them on twitter and decided to visit and give the escape room a try. They were successful in completing the game with only 12 seconds left.

Escape room games are an outside entertainment opportunity not to miss out on. They are attracting all sorts of players and seem to be sweeping the nation as an alternative to sitting at home doing nothing. Families are booking reservations and bringing friends to enjoy and experience the fun. Escape rooms are unheard of too many, however, once they’ve tried the game, many have stated that they are hooked.

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