Viva Las Garagegas. The home Casino is here.

Why bother putting your car in the garage? There are much better uses for that space, surely. You could stick a gym in there or maybe make it into a Granny Flat for your Mother in law or you could do something really useful and thoroughly cool and put a home Casino inside it! You will need to invest in a bit of Garage Door Repair but a quick visit to will soon sort that out for you and then you can start planning it all out. You could even have your own Vegas Vic the welcoming Cowboy always ready with a “Howdy Podner!” in neon outside.

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You might want to scale that down a little bit as unlike Las Vegas you’re not supposed to draw to much attention to it. It’s a lot easier than it was to set up a Casino; the first was in Port Talbot in Wales in 1961. There are a few in Blackpool but there is nothing like the grand Super Casinos you see in Las Vegas. There were plans to build one in Manchester along the lines of the Bellagio and the MGM Grand (the kind of places that get robbed in the film Oceans 11, the George Clooney, Brad Pitt one) but the Government of the time backed out of allowing it. We have the smaller ones like the Mecca’s and the Gala Bingo places and that seems to do fine for us.

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Just imagine it though, you could have a couple of Roulette wheels , a “Craps” table and one of  those 1970’s Mini  bars with a picture of a raffia work  Bull fighter behind it. Invest in a few slot machines, some of those vintage “one armed bandit” might be nice and then get a low corner stage where you can get Tony Bennet and Celine Dion impersonators and tribute acts to come on and sing “My Heart will go on” and “Rags to Riches”. Not that you’ll want your mates to go from Rags to riches, you’ll need some income to help pay for the place. Deck the walls with wood panelling and make sure you don’t put any windows in the walls, so no one knows what the time is, and they carry on playing. Don’t believe the old tales about owners pumping oxygen into the Casino to give them energy, it’s a fire hazard, but do believe that they pump in pleasant smells to make them stay longer

Say that the gardens water feature is a fountain and stick a bit of neon on the outside of the garage to give it that old pizazz,  then swear blind its left up Christmas decorations when Council officials come round.



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