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CommitMental is a moving web series on the web nowadays. The most esteemed Aha is circulating this web series. These web series have five scenes altogether. This is the romantic tale of Anu and Phani. Anu and Phani have been in a significant distance relationship and they need to chip away at the relationship and be submitted for adoration. In these we can see that responsibility is certainly not a simple undertaking to do. They need a great deal of persistence and boldness to be faithful towards one another. Watch web series online solely on Aha. Watch CommitMental web series online is the most engaging and moving series.


CommitMental is a too engaging web series on aha, where you can feel the adoration, warmth and battle. The little battles of Anu and Phani are truly adorable to watch. The contrasts between them are truly odd and the manner in which they need to sort and be together are rewatchable. So the story starts as Phani returns from the US to Hyderabad to meet his affection Anu. Anu is a basic, capable and autonomous lady. Phani is additionally an all around settled man, he likewise has an extraordinary character. The puerile idea of Phani is very inverse to the striking idea of Anu. It’s a major stun to Anu that Phani has returned and needs to make it official. The series runs in an extremely entertaining manner. They need to take the home together and live respectively. The series will show a great deal of things that life ought to be driven. The series is exceptionally enjoyable to watch and to have some great time. Phani requests that Anu wed her and Anu gets confused and doesn’t know how to reply. Watch the entire series to understand what’s the appropriate response anu gives.

Technical Aspects:

  • The web series has great music. Indeed, even the ambient melodies are likewise liquefying. This music gives a superior comprehension of the series .
  • The Cinematography of the series is excellent, the camera points and the film bearing is great. The web series is made with flawlessness.
  • This web series depends on the Indian Permanent Roommates, the story is quite basic. That person requests a wedding and there are a great deal of contrasts, so the couple will attempt to figure them out.
  • This series will take you another level with the most sentimental screenplay. The assisting set with increasing and areas. They are incredibly charming and adept for the scene.

Artists Performance:

  • Udbhav has shown that his activity was great. The state of mind he made is so acceptable.
  • Punarnavi’s character in the series is truly astounding to watch.

Additional Information:

Season: 1

Runtime: 5 Episodes 27 minutes each.

Released: 13 November 2020

Gener: Romance, comedy

 Cast and Crew:

Actor: UdbhavRaghunandan

Actress: PunarnaviBhupalam

Other Actors: NamrataTipirneni, VenkateshKakumanu

Produce: Allu Arvind

Developed by: Biswapati Sarkar

Based on: Permanent Roommates

Watch web series online like these and get engaged. Watch CommitMental web series online on Aha and no place else.

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