Entertainment in Nashville for A Bachelorette in Nashville

Someone’s getting married. That’s beautiful. To have an amazing wedding you first need to organize an amazing bachelorette’s party. The last day of officially being single is something that must be celebrated. There are several ideas for great entertainment in Nashville to organize something like this.

In this article, we’ll talk about some ideas that you may consider using if you’re struggling with it yourself. In the end, you’ll have a marvelous bachelorette’s party and everyone will have the time of their lives. Learn more about the basics of this tradition here.


A spa treatment is not just a good idea for this occasion. It’s a great idea for every day of the week. The only problem – you can’t afford it daily unless you’re a movie star.

This occasion deserves spending a little more money on it. It’s a wedding after all. Book a spa for the best friend and enjoy some first-class massages and the heat of the sauna. Relax to the maximum without worrying about anything that’s happening outside.

Forget about boys, obligation, work problems, everything. You all deserve to have the time of your life. Don’t forget to spend some time by the pool too and take some pictures under the steaming sun if there’s an option for this.

Enjoy drinking cocktails, splashing water all over the place and noise laughter. The bachelorette’s party is supposed to be a crazy time spent with your best friends that support you no matter what.

Male strippers

How about an old fashion home party with drinks and male strippers. Doing shots and watching sexy dancers are a winning combination. The best part here is that you can choose a theme for your male stripper exhibition.

You can try some of the future bride’s fantasies. All women have a thing for men in uniform, you can make the stripper or strippers rush into the house dressed as firemen or police officers. Maybe that Magic Mike movie is turning you on, so why don’t you ask for something like that? Here’s a company that offers that service: http://majestymalestrippers.com/nashville/

If you never had such a party, it’s good to know that once you’re married these occasions will come less and less often. The family, children, it all becomes a great obligation that it’s harder to avoid, so if you have the chance to do this now and you like the idea, you better do it because you might never experience it in your life.

Out of town retreat

Do you remember the times when you and your girlfriends were on vacation together for the first time? Do you remember the late-night chit chat, gossip, laughter, and fun? Do you wish those times to repeat? Well, this is the perfect opportunity for something like this.

Booking a villa or a hotel out of town where you and your friends can spend a few nights together out of the city’s noise and chaos is a great idea. Walking in nature, having deep conversations on the fresh air, and enjoying peaceful morning coffee is something that money can’t buy.

Think about it, when will you ever have another opportunity to do this again? Yes, you might have a workshop or team building from work, or you’ll do this with your future husband, but will you be able to do it with your girlfriends? Of course not. It’s the last chance to remember again on how childhood was and to re-experience all those amazing childhood moments.

Favorite musician’s concert

If the bridesmaid is organizing this event, they can find where the favorite artist of the bride is performing at a particular evening and buy tickets for the whole team. You can’t expect that the favorite musician will be in Nashville at the moment, but don’t be afraid to organize a road trip.

You’ll need hotel rooms for a night, a designated driver, and, of course, tickets for the concert. Imagine the happiness when she finds out which concert you’re visiting. The road trip will only be a cherry on top of the cake.


Why not spend a night of gambling and experiencing a little of this. You can scatter all over the casino all enjoying your favorite game poison or you can organize a table for Texas Hold’em Poker where you’ll compete against each other. If you don’t know how this is played, click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_hold_%27em

Going to a casino can be a wonderful experience but at the same time, it can create a lot of problems for those that are with a weak character. If someone seems about to lose a lot of money, it’s time to leave the party and do some drinks on the rooftop bar.

A casino is a great place exactly for that. You don’t have to gamble all the time. You can dance, have fun, flirt with bartenders and enjoy the great time spending with your best friends.

Themed party

How about a combination of strippers and a house themed party where the main event will be a game of blackjack. How about this scenario: The party is 90s themed and the girls all dress like it. The music all night is from that decade and in the middle of the evening comes a professional dealer with a deck of cards and playing chips.

Just as the game become interesting, the dealer reveals that he’s actually a stripper and makes an amazing show. You can make another combination based on what you like more. This is just an idea.


The bachelorette’s party is supposed to be the night of your life spent with the bride and her friends. The symbolism is that after that night, the woman is going to be faithful and won’t look or touch another man, she’ll be committed to the house needs and everything that comes with it.

We all know this is not something serious, but it’s a good chance to do a little party and enjoy yourself even though nothing stops you to hang out with your friends in the future and do the same again.

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