A Guide to Finding the Perfect Filming Location

If you are shooting a commercial, a TV series of a short movie film, finding the perfect location for shooting your video can be quite a challenge especially if you are a beginner in the filming industry. Finding a good filming location involves answering some specific questions such as: “How much will it cost to shoot the video in this location?”, “Is it legal to shoot the video here?”, “Is this area I should avoid shooting my film? “Why will the film crew expect when we shoot the film in this area?” In this article, we give you a guide on what you need to be looking for when searching for good filming locations such as NYC film locations.

Need Vs. Wishes

When scouting for a film location, make sure you keep in mind your scenes needs and not your wishes.  Make sure you consider whatever is essential for the movie scene.  It is also important to know that it is unlikely that you will get the most ‘ideal’ location that you have in your mind, therefore, make the best of whatever location you get.

Ask around

If you are having a hard time finding a filming location, make sure you ask around. People don’t bit and also you will be amazed at how different people already know good filming locations which are feasible solutions to your problem. Before going to a potential filming area, make sure you Google the place before you set foot.  By doing this, you will have narrowed down your search.

Break Down Your Script

Before you begin any film production, it is important first to break down your script. The person who should first break down a given film script should be the producer and first AD. It’s from the breaking down of the script that you get to know what is needed for the production of the film. The things demanded by the script after you have broken it down will guide you when looking for the ideal location that your film will be shot.

When you are scouting a new location, make sure that you take a lot of pictures which you will share with your crew later on to see their perspective on the location you have spotted. Also, carry a notebook with you to take a bunch of notes on your scouting trip. After you have finished your scouting give everyone who is associated with the film all the information you can about the location you have chosen to help ensure that every member of the film group is prepped before the shoot.

Scout the same day you are about to shoot your film

The time you choose to scout your film plays an important role in the overall production of the film.  Scouting a location on a time that is different from the time which you are shooting your film may have some consequences like for instance; unexpected noise or lighting changes. If you are planning on shooting the video during the evening hours, make sure you scout the area first during the evening hours.

Final thoughts

Finding a good location is key if you are interested in shooting a film that will be remembered. When scouting different filming locations, remember to treat each location as if it was your home.

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