3 Things to Remember Before Skydiving

While the concept of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane might sound a bit crazy, it’s actually a fun experience that really makes you feel alive. However, in order to make sure you can get that experience, you’ll need to follow a few simple guidelines to ensure your body is ready for the jump. Once you prepare yourself for the rush of free falling, then you can enjoy the experience without any extra worry. You’ll only have to deal with the worry of falling from a plane and a great height.

Eat and Sleep Right

Making sure that you eat something is better than having an empty stomach. While you don’t want to gorge yourself or eat too much, especially if you are nervous, eating nothing at all can cause some serious problems. So, make sure to eat a light, yet nourishing breakfast and bring some light snacks in case you are forced to wait in line.

Alongside a good breakfast, a good night’s sleep is also a must have for your skydiving adventure. Being nervously excited is a good thing, but treat the restlessness as a drawback and do your best to ensure you get some shut eye. While the rush of falling from a plane is certainly a way to wake up, this author wouldn’t recommend it!

Wear Proper Clothing

While wearing a t-shirt and jeans might seem like a good idea, loose clothing in a strong wind is something that won’t work out. Skydiving pushes a lot of air up towards you, and having your clothes flap around in your face just takes away from the enjoyment of the dive. So wear a few layers and keep your clothes snug but not too tight, and get a jumpsuit. Most skydiving companies will have some to choose from in various sizes.

Be aware of Your Surroundings

Be sure to take a look at the weather. There’s proper weather for doing a Skydive San Jose California that’s very different than conditions for doing a good dive in Tampa Florida. If the weather is too hot to bother wearing layers, then you’ll need to put a jumpsuit over your clothes. Doing some research on the drop zone isn’t a bad idea either, as there might be some areas where you want to land when it comes time to glide down after your epic jump.

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