The Great Choices for the Gentlemen Club

As it is known, as far as elitism and respectability are concerned, the Americans have no equal throughout the world. Perhaps that is why England has become the birthplace of such a phenomenon as private members clubs – closed private clubs. Being a member of such a club is extremely prestigious, and it is very difficult to get access there. We decided to tell you about the history of American clubs, about modern private clubs in Miami and how to become a member of a gentlemen clubs miami.

The Modern Clubs

Modern private clubs originate from gentleman’s clubs that appeared in England in the second half of the 17th century and reached their greatest heyday and influence in the 18th and 19th centuries. Initially, such institutions were created for the aristocracy. It was impossible to join the ranks of a prestigious club without having a noble origin and a tight wallet. To this day, membership in a closed club is a sign of belonging to a chosen society and opens many doors. Gentleman’s clubs were a place where the atmosphere of informal communication reigned, and important issues were solved with a glass of sherry. Coming to the club, you could be sure that you are surrounded by a peer – people with a similar position in society, education, income level, political views and interests.

  • They came to clubs, including in order to take a break from their families. For women, the entrance to the club was ordered. And even today, in times of equality, there are institutions where the fair sex cannot go. Of the currently operating private clubs, of which there are fifty-two in Miami, fourteen still do not allow women to become members. Among them are the oldest clubs, such as White’s.
  • However, the fair sex was not going to lag behind the male, and in 1886, The University Women’s Club was founded. The club positioned itself as an institution for women with higher education and it consisted of women of various professions: lawyers, lawyers, writers and many others. The club exists today. In its building on Mayfair, dinner parties, cocktail evenings, exhibitions and discussions are held.
  • And now let’s learn more about those private clubs in Miami, which are constantly well-known and known throughout the world.

How to join:

The club’s membership offers the following privileges: the ability to invite up to three guests to the club; arrange dinner parties with an unlimited number of guests; attend exclusive club events (dinners, concerts, presentations); access to partner clubs around the world.

The club offers a variety of membership options: full membership, which includes personal training, consultations of doctors, concierge service and the right to bring guests; membership for those who live outside Miami, with a limited number of visits per year; weekend membership, etc. All options can be viewed on the club website, there is also a questionnaire that you need to fill out to apply for joining. The price of full membership is about 5,000 dollars per year, plus 1,860 dollars for the entrance fee.

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