Roll Out The Red Carpet For Celebrity Security

Celebrities get the red carpet rolled out for them nearly everywhere they go, and their fans can’t wait to see them. But how often do people consider the work that goes into actually getting those celebrities to their destinations safely? Here’s what celebrity bodyguards do to make sure the show does, in fact, go on.

Crowd management

A large part of celebrity security is keeping overeager fans (and ‘haters’) out of reach. This could include dealing with a handful of people up to even hundreds. And to make matters even more complicated, celebrity bodyguards have to handle this duty as politely as possible in order to avoid any bad publicity for the celebrity or the security firm.

Being able to balance all of this in the field and to take control of difficult situations requires extensive, specialised training. It’s a lot more difficult than they make it look.


Aside from keep celebrities safe at events, their bodyguards need to be able to get them to these events safely. Years of experience in security services have taught professionals that the road is one of the most vulnerable locations for VIPs, so having bodyguards who are trained in defensive and advanced driving techniques is essential.

Another important factor in travel is getting celebrities to their destinations on time. Their time is valuable and often tightly scheduled, so knowing all the available routes in case of emergencies or challenges as well as thorough planning are key to offering a stress-free experience.

Security and protective service planning

Having mentioned planning and knowledge of routes brings us to the strategic level of celebrity security. The bodyguards that you see (and those you don’t) are only a small part of the operation.

Before any action is taken, most professional protection services over every detail of event and accommodation sites, travel routes, and so on. During this planning phase they identify all possible threats and danger-zones, using this data to plan accordingly and ensure the safety of the celebrity in question.

What it all boils down to is experience and expertise. Contact the professionals at Global Bodyguard Solutions to benefit from their excellence that has seen to the security needs of celebrities such as the Cake Boss and Oprah.

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