How Powerful are Handwritten Notes and Cards nowadays?

An expression of gratitude is synonymous with having good character, it implies humility and appreciation towards other people. Saying ‘thank you’ is a nice gesture and it can be expressed in various ways but a handwritten thank you card goes beyond the usual casual expression.

In today’s world that is heavily driven by technology, the art of handwriting has become a novelty. Sending thank you notes and cards is rarely done in today’s digital world. Keystrokes over different messaging apps and email have replaced the polite gesture of sending handwritten thank you cards. It makes us sad to realize that personal connections are lost through the convenience of electronically sent messages.

Our world nowadays may revolve and depend much on science and technology but that does not mean the power of handwriting has already been lost.

Genuine expression of appreciation. Genuine appreciation means showing importance to the receiver and a handwritten thank you cards can clearly express this even without saying a word. The gesture of sending a handwritten note or card is more valuable than saying thank you over email or a messaging app because there is an addition of personal touch. Anything handwritten sincerely shows gratitude and is a testament to your good character.

Effective in creating an impression. The popular saying “first impression lasts” is true when it comes to sending a handwritten thank you note or card. Anything handwritten apart from being a good idea, also has a good impact on the receiver. Saying thank you through a handwritten note or card is memorable to the recipient because of the surprise that makes the gesture magical.

Build better personal connections. Sending your gratitude through handwritten thank you cards, whether for personal or business purposes, is a thoughtful act. The time and effort that the sender spent in creating a personalized message is a good step in building stronger connections. Recipients always cherish any message that has an original touch and is thoughtfully created by the sender him/herself.

We are living in a very busy world, and our lives revolve so fast that we depend much on the digitalization of almost everything around us, including interactions and relationships with other people. But there are some things that should not be forgotten. Those are the things that make us feel human, like handwritten notes and cards.

Life in a very digital and technological world often makes us feel lonely and alone at the end of the day. We often feel a lot of emptiness despite having a lot of material things because we lose human connections. Going the extra mile of expressing our gratitude through handwriting will somehow fill those empty spaces within us, because handwritten notes and cards are still powerful in sending what our heart truly feels and what our minds want to express genuinely. There is no better way to say “thank you” but through handwriting. When we spend our precious time and effort in sending something to someone to show how we appreciate them, that gesture goes a long way. Through writing, we make a different kind of connection to our fellows, the one that can last a lifetime.

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